The Studio

Latin Groove Studio is located in Bay City, Michigan. The studio is owned and run by Eddy Garcia, a professional Latin percussionist originally from The Bronx, New York. With years of real-world concert and touring experience, Eddy and his family settled in Bay City from Puerto Rico in 2001. Realizing that there was a real need in the area for high-quality, affordable studio time, he began assembling the studio in 2003.

Latin Groove has worked with clients from all walks, in need of great recordings for many different reasons.

DigiDesign ProTools* Latin Groove Studio uses DigiDesign's ProTools.

We provide a low-stress environment in a casual, small studio setting. And with our network of composers, arrangers and musicians from the U.S. and the Caribbean, we can get you what you need to complete your musical creation, be it Rock, Jazz, R&B, Swing...or Latin.

Call us today at 989-714-8899. Tell us about your project and learn about our rates. We also have great student rates!